Phonak Audeo Marvel - Love At First Sound

This product has a rich, clear sound and technology that allows it to recognise more listening situations than ever before. In reducing listening effort hearing what you want is now in reach.

4 levels of technology to suit all lifestyles and budgets

9 casing colours to suit skin or hair tones

Clear, rich sound - even when streaming

5 different models including rechargeable with or without telecoil

Smart apps available including remote control app with fine tuning ability

Connects to iOS and Android for hands free calling and streaming (including from other Bluetooth devices)

Allows all Roger products to stream directly to Marvel Audeo for exceptional hearing in noise and over distance

New wax system reducing amount of filter changes

Four Technology Levels:

M90 - Premium

The Premium top line product in this fabulous range. The M90 is packed with features to help in a huge range of listening scenarios. Ideal for those who are in a wide range if listening situations and need the very best.

M70 -Advanced

The M70 is a very well equipped product that suits an active lifestyle. A fully automatic solution with access to top end features including wind noise suppression and automatic softening of very loud sounds in super quick time.

M50 - Standard

A solid mid range product with a good array of features. 3 automatic programs covering all the basics. Includes a boost in background noise and 'real ear sound' to mimic the effect of sound on the natural ear.

M30 - Essential

The entry level product in this range is still a lot of bang for your buck. With 2 automatic programs; up to 3 manual programs; noise reduction and that fantastic Phonak sound you won't be disappointed.

Compare products in the range

Take a look at the different technology levels in more detail and compare them to one another with our comparison chart - go on, take a look!


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