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Whilst we continue to closely monitor the situation we are taking bookings for appointments in our Salisbury clinic at Medcentres Plus AND our clinics in AJ Bass Opticians in Downton and Fordingbridge are also open. 

Some appointments are available to book on-line - click here  

Alternatively you can call 01722 342630 or 07579 038824 or email for advice.


PLEASE, PLEASE stay safe and look after eachother. We very much look forward to seeing you all in one of our clinics soon.

We will ask certain things of you when you come into the clinic. We ask that you respect these so we all can all stay safe whilst helping all members of the community:

  • Please wear a mask - we can supply one here if you do not have your own
  • Arrive on time and not early for your appointment to avoid spending time in our waiting room
  • Do not come in under an circumstances if you have a persistent cough or high temperature
  • In between appointments we are allowing time to clean all surfaces and equipment and most of the stuff we use is disposed of in clinical waste
  • If you're not sure about anything do give us a call and make sure.

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Hearing care provider

Samantha Luckman is an experienced professional who qualified as a Hearing Aid Audiologist in 2002.

She says: 'I get excited about excellent quality hearing care. I know, I know I should probably get out more but ultimately there is no better feeling than significantly improving someone's quality of life by enabling them to hear better.

'My aim has always been to go above and beyond the expectations of my clients and to provide outstanding customer care. I am proud to say that's exactly what I do. 

'As a profession, we really can make a difference when we ourselves are prepared to listen and really hear what the client wants.

'It is my belief that this is only possible with appointment times that are long enough; products that are outstanding and the patience and expertise that experience brings. 

'I give you my word that I will always offer the very best advice at every single encounter. 

'And I bet I can get you excited about excellent quality hearing care too!'


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Samantha Luckman Hearing Care
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Samantha Luckman Hearing Care
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We are now running clinics in AJ Bass Opticians in Downton, Wiltshire and Fordingbridge, Hampshire – come and visit! Alternatively, shop our hearing aid and wax preventing products online.


Why us?

Samantha felt it became increasingly apparent on the high street that quantity was, at times, more important than quality. With SLHC she wanted to be able to compliment the best equipment, products and experience, with the time needed to fully realise their potential.

Now, we have all the ingredients, and a passionate mission statement that we live and breathe. 


Our mission

To provide exceptional quality hearing care by understanding your needs and exceeding them.  

Dealing with someone’s hearing is as sensitive as it is complex, and only by allowing someone the time and opportunity to express themselves can we start to truly understand their needs.

Once we fully understand every concern and every reservation, we can then start to treat the client – fully, correctly and intuitively.

Sam kindly and professionally conducted thorough audiology testing on my ears back in 2006. She introduced me to the world of amazing hearing technology available and fitted my hearing aids in both ears. With her highly informative and helpful approach, Sam was the person to transform the quality of my life. I am now classed as severely deaf without hearing aids. Thanks to Sam’s knowledge, I was suddenly able to hear train station announcements, table conversations in noisy cafes and the sounds of my dearest daughter when she was born. I have hearing aids now the size of a pea but technology is only as good as the Audiologist who knows what programming is needed! It's like having a pair of glasses but in your ears. Sam first tested me age 29 so it's not just old people who need them. If you think you struggle hearing certain pitches, tones or situations I would a million percent recommend that you visit Sam at her Hearing Care place. Thank you so much Sam! 

Dr Laura Hooper

I worked with Sam a few years ago. Sam is kind, generous with her time, and absolutely professional. I wouldn't hesitate to visit her, she has a great heart, and is doing this wonderful work from a place of caring and vocation. After many years in Audiology, her skill set is extremely high. 

Martin Stratton

Dear Samantha, I just wanted to say how delighted l have been so far, with the results of the micro suction treatment you provided. The whole procedure was very well explained and l felt at all times, in excellent hands. You dealt with my questions clearly and with appropriate detail and the session provided a lot of interesting facts as well as visual detail on the screen. The atmosphere, in a pleasant environment, was refreshingly relaxed and l very soon had every confidence that what you proposed was carefully considered and geared, both to my hopes and to the situation you found. Your advice was also very welcome. So, many thanks for a surprisingly enjoyable and informative, medical consultation. Highly recommendable. 

Anthony Powell