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Hearing aid technology for remote assistance

By The Auricle / May 9, 2020 /

Get your hearing aids adjusted remotely with this great piece of new hearing aid technology – thanks to Bluetooth. A new element to hearing aid after care has been creeping into our clinics. It gives the you, the hearing aid user much greater freedom to have your aids adjusted remotely. As a result you can…

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Cotton buds, elbows and ears – oh my!

By The Auricle / February 9, 2020 /

Your Mum always said you should never put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow, right? So, why do you keep shoving cotton buds in deep enough to tickle the back of your own eyeball…? The truth of it is we think we’re helping. We think we’re cleaning our ears. However, our ears have…

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Welcome to The Auricle – our fabulous blog of all things ear-y.

By The Auricle / October 4, 2019 /

Fabulous blog to follow….

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