Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing aid prices

There are a few rules to bear in mind when considering price options: 

  • Generally, the style of the hearing aid does not influence the price – you can get very small ‘invisible’ hearing aids right the way though the price range.
  • There should be something to suit all budgets and that is often a good place to start. Your audiologist should work with you to find the best, most suitable hearing aids within your price range.
  • The age of the technology will influence the cost of the aids – the latest technology is usually the more expensive, and buying from older ranges can be getting a good level of technology for less money.
  • How clever the hearing aid is ultimately what influences the cost. This means that the more adaptable the hearing aid is to the acoustics, the greater its cost. So, hearing aids that are able to adjust themselves to all sorts of listening scenarios to try and make things as easy and natural to hear tend to be at the top of the list.
  • The manufacturer can sometimes influence the cost too. Smaller, less well-known manufacturers may have less expensive products.


Our prices

All our prices include the following as part of the package, leaving no nasty surprises for you further down the line.

  • 60 day full, no-quibble money back guarantee 
  • All appointments for the life of the hearing aids 
  • 6-monthly service visits to check ear health and effectiveness of hearing aids 
  • Annual hearing checks 
  • 2 or 5 year product warranty (dependent on product) 
  • Monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with product development or ear health matters 

Also bear in mind that we do free two-week trials of hearing aids to give you the chance to just try something out to see how you feel about hearing aids.  

Here at SLHC we have two ranges of hearing aids to suit all budgets. Our premium range is the very latest technology and our classic range is last generation technology.  


Premium Range (Latest technology 5 year warranty)

Most of these hearing aids are iPhone compatible, some Android compatible and most have rechargeable versions. They all come with a 5-year product warranty.

These hearing aids are the best selection from all the... read more ⮟

These hearing aids are the best selection from all the manufacturers. They are technically the most capable hearing aids that are able to cope with the most complex and demanding listening scenarios like large crowds, busy restaurants and reverberant rooms. 

Includes: Phonak Audeo P90, Widex Evoke 440, GN Hearing LiNX Quattro 9, Oticon Opn S 1, Phonak Virto M90, Unitron Discover 9, Bernafon Viron 9.

Starkey Livio AI Edge

These are technically very efficient hearing aids able to... read more ⮟

These are technically very efficient hearing aids able to cope with demanding listening situations like restaurants, music and the outdoors.

Includes: Phonak Audeo M70, Widex Evoke 330, GN Hearing LiNX Quattro 7, Oticon Opn S 2, Phonak Virto M70, Unitron Discover 7, Bernafon Viron 7.

These aids are of good technical ability. They can cope... read more ⮟

These aids are of good technical ability. They can cope well with day to day scenarios like small groups, television and shopping.

Includes: Phonak Audeo M50, Phonak Virto M50, Widex Evoke 220, GN Hearing LiNX 3D 5, Oticon Opn S 3, Unitron Discover 5, Bernafon Viron 5. 

These will suit those with less demanding acoustic... read more ⮟

These will suit those with less demanding acoustic scenarios and those who have good ability in noisy places already.  

Includes: Phonak Audeo M30, Phonak Virto M30, Widex Evoke 110, Oticon Siya 1, Unitron Discover 3, Bernafon Zerena 3.

These hearing aids will suit those who live a quieter life and... read more ⮟

These hearing aids will suit those who live a quieter life and don’t need their hearing aids to be fully adaptive to trickier acoustics. They may require some basic manual adjustment by the user to get the full potential out of them (as opposed to being completely automatic). 

Includes: Oticon Siya 2, Bernafon Zerena 1, Phonak Belong B30 


Classic range (last generation technology, 2-year warranty)

Some of these hearing aids are iPhone compatible and Android compatible with additional streaming device. An extra 3-years of warranty can be purchased at a cost of £75 per aid (for a total of 5-year product warranty). 

Unitron Tempus Pro

Unitron Tempus 800

Includes Unitron Tempus 700 and GN Hearing Enya 4

Includes Unitron Tempus 600 and GN Hearing Enya 3.

Includes Unitron Tempus 500 and GN Hearing Enya 2.

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