Phonak Virto Marvel - Love At First Sound

The in-the-ear range of Marvel hearing aids - 'Virto' now completes the portfolio. Offering the same clear, rich sound as it's behind-the-ear sisters these products are a welcome addition. Including full hands free streaming to smart phones for some models and complete invisibility for others there is surely something to suit everyone.

4 levels of technology to suit all lifestyles and budgets

Virto 312M streams directly from iOS and Android for hands free calling and audio

Available in 3 faceplate and 7 shell colours including black for a more 'hearable', modern look

Virto M Titanium is a truly invisible hearing aid. Made of tough, super-thin titanium for a deep fit it is available in the top 2 levels of technology

Some Virto models can use smart apps on your phone for control and fine tuning adjustment

With Phonak's Biometric Calibration Virto hearing aids are preciseley calibrated to your own individual ears

Some models connect to Roger products for direct streaming for exceptional hearing in noise and over distance

Telecoil in some models; program button; size 10 or 312 battery


M90 - Premium

The most advanced product in the range the M90 is packed with features to help in huge range of scenarios. It includes echo block for reverberant rooms; a special program for the car and loads more! Fully automatic over 7 different environments it's ideal for those seeking the ultimate solution

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M70 -Advanced

M70 is a well equipped product that suits an active lifestyle. With 4 fully automatic listening environments and access to top end features like wind noise suppression and loud noise softening in super quick time it packs a punch!

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M50 - Standard

A solid mid range product with a good array of features - 3 automatic programs covering the basics. Includes a boost in background noise and 'real ear sound' to mimic the effect of sound on the natural ear.

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M30 - Essential

The entry level product in this range is still a lot of bang for your buck. With 2 automatic programs and up to 3 manual programs it suits a quieter lifestyle but with noise reduction and that fantastic Phonak sound you won't be disappointed.

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Compare products in the range

Take a look at the different technology levels in the range in more detail and compare them to one another with our comparison chart - go on - have a look!



The most popular style on the market today - a discreet, easy to wear behind-the-ear product with almost invisible wire - inrroducing PHONAK AUDEO MARVEL

Traditional Behind-The-Ear

If you're after the great Phonak sound but in a more traditional behind-the-ear style with a very thin tube or a mould then look no further than PHONAK BOLERO MARVEL

High Powered Marvel

These award winning aids have been designed specifically for severe to profound hearing loss and the exclusive issues that accompany them - we give you PHONAK NAIDA MARVEL