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Current Range - ALPHA

* iPhone and Android compatible for call and audio streaming

* 3 technology levels to suit all lifestyle and budgets

* 9 colours for great aesthetic flexibility

* Turn your phone into a remote control with a compatible app to tailor your experience

* Rechargeable

Hybrid Technology from Bernafon

Animals with exceptional hearing led the way to a revolutionary new hearing aid. Bernafon Alpha is the first rechargeable hearing aid with Hybrid Technology™. Similar to a hybrid car, it unifies two outstanding technologies to perform best in different listening environments.

Hybrid Technology™ - because two are better than one

Bernafon's latest and most advanced hearing aid technology consists of four hybrid processing blocks. Each of them combines two smoothly interacting counterparts, to effectively perform in countless listening situations.


Bernafon is a globally operating company that defines and markets hearing aids and hearing aid accessories, including fitting software and consumer apps. Headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, the company employs some 500 people worldwide and operates in over 70 countries. It all started in Switzerland shortly before 1946 when young Hans Gfeller Jr., a student in engineering, got a hold of his father's new hearing aid. Instead of admiring what was then the best in audiological technology, he took it up to his room, grabbed a screwdriver and proceeded to take it apart, piece by piece.

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